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These are very unusual 7.5-8mm rose cut button pearls in lovely, soft colours; apricot pink with fantastic lustre - some of these appear metallic gold. These are lovely flattering soft sorbet colours, warm and glowing on the skin. Please note that the trade calls these pink, but the colour is really more of a peach/apricot orangey pink. These are custom cut, as I thought they would be interesting, and they are! They have an amazing botryoidal appearance, that is, the facets appear to be convex (bulging out a bit) instead of flat. They have a flat bottom and are half-drilled, so they can be set as cabochons in a bezel or alternatively attached to a post setting. You will receive a random assortment of sizes in the 7.5-8mm range. These pearls are not dyed but they have been bleached to remove blemishes and spots, as all freshwater pearls are. 

Size:  7.5-8mm

Cut: Rose Cut

Shape:  Half-drilled button

Colour:  Pink

Country of Origin:  China (cultured pearls)

Treatment:  Bleaching

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